5 thing You Should Know When Looking for a Third-Party Logistics Partner

Factors When Choosing an FBA Prep Service

No matter where you are on your eCommerce journey, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) will allow you to free up warehouse space, meet the fulfillment requirements to be on Amazon Prime, and improve your customer service and account health by taking advantage of Amazon’s services. However, using FBA means preparing packages for FBA yourself, paying Amazon’s fees to do it for you, or paying a third-party FBA prep service.

Each option has different advantages depending on your business size, existing warehouse capabilities, and total costs. Outsourcing FBA prep can be an extremely cost-effective way to move inventory, to import new stock directly into FBA, and decrease the cost of staging inventory.

Many sellers take the latter option for several reasons, such as efficient operation and less hassle. However, choosing the right FBA prep service entails critical decision-making as every FBA prep service is different.

In this article, we will share with you five factors to consider when looking for an FBA prep service that’s right for you.

1. Location

The location of the FBA prep service is a crucial factor, as the center is the one reaching out to your customers. First, you will want a nearby facility for a smoother drop-off process. Second, you will want a facility that’s near a major port of airport for quick and easy shipping. In fact, some FBA prep centers do operate in other states that can be beneficial to you because you do not want to have any issues with the delivery of your goods or products to your customers’ doorsteps.

2. Specific Services

As mentioned, an FBA prep center essentially provides product storage, packaging, and shipping. While these services are basic expectations from every FBA prep service, some centers can go beyond the basic services. Some centers do provide additional services, such as freight forwarding, customs negotiation, detailed shipment data, supplier pick-up, import inspection, and inventory processing. Think about any additional services you need and choose a particular FBA prep center that can suffice these needs.

3. Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is a crucial consideration because you don’t want to have any transaction delays with your much-valued customers. Some FBA prep service ensures a 24-48-hour TAT from the order placement, while others will need more time in the packaging and shipment of your products. As much as possible, work with a service that can get your products sent to Amazon quickly and deliver them to customers at the agreed time.

4. Facility Size and Warehouse Conditions

When choosing a particular FBA prep center, you also have to factor in the size of the facility and the warehouse conditions. First, you need a facility that can accommodate the high volume of goods or products you hold and sell. Second, you want to ensure that the warehouse provides the right storage condition that can protect your products at all times. With the proper storage condition, you can ensure that your products won’t get spoiled or damaged.

5. Pricing System

Know that many services provide flat rates based on weight and shipping destination. Yet, others may offer different payment options, whether upfront or on an installment basis. No matter what option you choose, look for a service with fair and transparent pricing so that you can budget appropriately, and forecast future financial impact.


Choosing the right FBA prep center is crucial to the success of your business on Amazon. That said, consider the six factors outlined above to ensure that your goods or products are stored safely and properly, packaged with the right branding, and sent to customers on time.

If you’re looking for an Amazon FBA prep service, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.